Wednesday, Nov 10 2004: Everything back up! Riot
All albums have returned to production! And, I'm going to be adding a new album to the list: Unchained.

Monday, Nov 08 2004: Some of you haven't received your albums Riot
Due to something I ran into earlier a month and a half ago, production has halted for the time being. I accidently blew out my friends speaker system, and the reason is stupifying me and my friends... I disabled my compressor on realtime output and post mix. So, it's blowing up speakers 1xbet tz.

I feel horrible, honest to God. So far, I've finally completed SunlightMoonlight and have a new cover design and label for it. So, if you're reading this, it's on it's way. I'm mailing parcel however, (except out of the USA) so it could take some time to get there, so please be patient. I will tell you though, it should probably arrive within two weeks basketball predictions.

Anyway sorry for all the delays, it's just one production failure after another (when you run your own company things are hard).

~DJ Riot

Thursday, Oct 21 2004: SunlightMoonlight Gold Edition now av Riot
Due to lots of SunlightMoonlight album sales thanks to Digitally Imported Internet Radio, a Gold Edition album version has been released footbal tips. This features a fresh new feel and a richer bassline for more energy. Just order SunlightMoonlight direct for the original version, or fire DJ Riot an email and he'll get you set up.

Wednesday, Sep 29 2004: Special Offer Riot
300 albums are being signed and sold as a signature edition. Hurry and order soon! Each signature edition album comes signed and certificates will be mailed seperately.

Monday, Aug 09 2004: Cherish promo ended Riot
The Cherish the Moment free promotion has ended.

Thursday, Jul 29 2004: We're looking for a vocalist! Riot
Right now, as some of you may already know, Riot is looking for a female vocal talent to sing for Riot's upcoming work. This will cause serious changes for him and is going to be assuming a new and more fresh presentation of art. Hopefully, if everything goes smoothly, you should be hearing some new work as soon as December of this year. However, due to the fact that the star he is currently attempting to sign on is being delayed in arriving to Portland, there may be an opening, meaning that it's likely that someone can still fill this spot.

Be sure to stay tuned for more information on the changes.

Monday, Jul 26 2004: New Release coming Riot
All I'll say right now is Blueprints of Dancing.

Wednesday, Jun 30 2004: Special Promotion! Riot
SPECIAL OFFER! For a limited time, purchase any album in the albumography section and get Cherish the Moment prerelease free with your order! Good on any album purchase. Please, only one per household. Please feel free to contact DJ Riot if you have any questions.

Friday, Jun 25 2004: Site hit count goes skyward Riot
Due to a recent article Riot wrote on LivingWithStyle, our site may be experiencing some slight navigational errors. The site had hotlinks from here to there, and was bogging down the server. Please bear with us. Everything should be running smoothly within the next week.

Monday, Jun 14 2004: New album prerelease information! Riot
Cherish The Moment, Riot's latest pop trance mix, is now available as a prerelease. Check it out!

Wednesday, Jun 09 2004: DJ Riot Mailing List is up! Riot
Check out our mailing list!

Sign up here!

Thanks for your support!

Monday, Jun 07 2004: DJ Riot Store Riot
The DJ Riot store is being built. You can check out some of the products (which are mostly clothes right now) that feature Riot's company logo and his favorite slogan "Angel Beat Baby."

Monday, Jun 07 2004: is up! Riot is now up and running! We are happy to offer you this site in order to view some of DJ Riot's work, buy his albums, and link you to the hottest sites that Riot recommends! View his discography, albumography, biography, or check for updates on when he'll have a live show in the works!

DJ Riot shares a synergy with many popular record labels to provide you with some of the hottest and most current tracks of all time. A sample of those include NuLife, Nukleuz, Black Hole, Dance Factory, Positiva, Serious, and many more.

And now, please stay tuned...

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